Blog Post #4

Throughout this course, I have learned a lot about the use of technology in the classroom.  As an art teacher, I always just assumed that I would mainly use technology to show images of famous artworks to my students.  Now that I have taken this course, I understand that technology can be integrated into lessons in many other ways.  I can write digital books, make movies and engaging presentations, create smartboard lessons, create animations, and so much more.  I could use a new technology every week and still not explore everything that is out there.  But now that I have explored a few, I know that I need to only utilize those I am comfortable with.  I do not want to use technology for the sake of using technology.  I want to only use it when I know it will greatly enhance my students’ experience and productivity (my students’ AND mine).  On the other hand, students are obviously being extensively exposed to technology in the general education classroom. This can increase student engagement but could quite possibly have a negative effect on their social skills. Therefore, an art class might be a good break from technology and “screen time”.  As I begin my teaching career, I need to find a balance between using technology to enhance my student experience and giving them non-technology experiences to create art.  This class has given me the resources I need to utilize technology in my classroom and now it is my job to find a meaningful way to do so.  This class has opened my mind to the use of technology in the classroom and I am grateful for this experience.