Blog Post #1

A. I viewed multiple blogs and the credentials/qualifications of the bloggers varied.  This included former or current principals, teachers, administrators, and college professors in education.

B. I read some articles on the “Mindshift” blog including one titled “How Video Games and Social Media Fuel Students’ Passion for Art”. I learned that teenagers consume about 10 hours of media per day, mainly from a smartphone.  I also found out that informal art activities (such as doodling on an iPad) can end up translating into formal art skills.  I also found out that acquisition of these skills is often spontaneous and the students may not even be aware that they are learning. This blog post helps me to realize how iPads in the classroom can be used to develop artistic skills, especially if students finish a project early and have time to just explore and play.

C. wordle


Wordle would be a great tool to use in an art class.  The one I created lists different types of mediums in art.  Wordle could be used as a brainstorming tool in discussions.  Perhaps the class is discussing what “medium” means and I could ask students to list ones they have heard of and we could type them all into a wordle.  In the end, we would have an image of all the terms we discussed that could be used to review this topic later.  This could also be a great tool for brainstorming ideas for a piece of artwork . Students may have to create a concept for their work and could make a wordle with terms and ideas that support their concept.  This could be printed and pasted into a sketchbook as evidence of planning and brainstorming. 

D. In this class, I have learned how to use Google sites.  I have attempted to build websites before but found it complicated and frustrating.  Google makes it easy to change the layout, make pages and subpages, and add gadgets.  I never used Google sites before this project so everything was new but I believe I was able to figure out the basics.  I could use this technology in the classroom with my students in many ways.  For example, I could create a class website that had important dates and announcements and show student work to parents.  I could also use it as an assignment for older students.  They could create a website about a famous artist and create pages for biographical information and links to the artist’s work.  



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